ANNOUNCEMENT : The new pool is now up and running with beast mode capabilities. Register now at We would kindly ask that some of you please try to mine on both servers to balance the workload between pools. The new pool can handle a LOT more work than this one! Cheers!

Welcome to the Official Linx Mining Pool


- 0% Pool fee.

- Auto payouts every 5 minutes.

You will need a valid Linx address (for payouts) to register. If you don't have one yet you can download a wallet here.

Linx uses the Scrypt algorithm. We recommend that you use ASIC hardware as CPU / GPU mining is not currently very effective due to the high network hashrate.

There are 3 different ports available depending on the speed of your rig(s) :

  • 3008 - CPU/GPU
  • 3012 - ASIC
  • 3333 - Nicehash

Please ensure you select the correct port to match your hardware, for example - sending an ASIC to port 3008 will be a waste of computing power when you could be solving at a much higher difficulty using port 3012.

Read the Getting Started guide for more info.